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Chiropractic Services in Friendswood, TX

Creekside Integrative Medical Center, located in Friendswood Texas, specializes in wellness services designed to make you feel healthy and whole again. One of our core services is chiropractic care, and at the heart of chiropractic is the goal to alleviate pain. Our chiropractic treatment methods are diverse and determined for every individual patient. We often recommend a combination of chiropractic care with our other wellness services to achieve the greatest success in relieving pain and discomfort. Stop in today for a consultation to determine the right treatment regimen for you.

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Chiropractic Techniques

At Creekside Integrative Medical Center, we use a number of proven chiropractic methods to adjust and align the spine and other joints of the musculoskeletal system, giving you the relief from pain and discomfort that you have been seeking. Our methods include:

Activator Instrument Assisted Treatment

The Activator method is one of the most widely used and heavily researched adjustment methods in the chiropractic field. It involves using a small, handheld device that allows doctors to more easily make adjustments to the patient’s spine or other joints requiring treatment.

Spinal Decompression

The treatment known as spinal decompression is a non-invasive alternative treatment for those with spine and disc problems. It is often used as an alternative to surgery and is a painless method of treatment that has been well-researched. In fact, some patients find spinal decompression so relaxing and comfortable that they will even fall asleep during the treatment process. At Creekside Integrative Medical Center, we use a Lordex Decompression Unit for spinal decompression treatments.

Diverse Use of Force

The injuries and pains afflicting various patients will sometimes require the application of force in order to correctly realign the spine and other joints. When necessary, our doctors will use either a gentle application of low force or an application of high force. Your doctor will make the determination in relation to your specific needs, and any application is designed to reduce your pain and discomfort following treatment.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Creekside IMC also offers soft tissue therapy treatments, where our trained staff will manipulate the soft tissues of the body to relieve stress and alleviate discomfort. These soft tissues can include the muscles and the connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and joints. Soft tissue therapy is designed to assuage pain from muscular overextension and overuse, as well as in the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

Kinesio Tape

Often associated with the treatment of sports injuries such as shin splints and hamstring strain, our application of Kinesio Tape at Creekside IMC is designed to assist in supporting your joints and muscles without affecting blood circulation. Kinesio Tape is applied by our trained staff to most effectively treat strain and stress.

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Live Your Life. Well.

Creekside Integrative Medical Center uses an integrative approach to pain management in providing chiropractic care. Whether this is the first time you are seeking chiropractic treatment, or if you are looking for a treatment clinic that includes a number of other options along with traditional chiropractic adjustments, Creekside Integrative Medical Center can help.

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Wellness Center Chiropractor in Friendswood, Texas
Why Choose Our Friendswood, TX Wellness Center?

As a unique wellness center dedicated to integrative medicine, we provide a different approach to your weight loss, chiropractic, chronic pain and personal injury needs. A broader scope of treatment is made available to you when you begin treatment with our team of doctors. As a unique wellness center in our methods of collaboration and treatment, we provide excellent care tailored to you with the help of our doctors.

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