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Weight Loss Services in Friendswood, TX

Our integrative approach allows us to provide weight loss clinic services to aid our patients in living a healthy and safe lifestyle. We offer treatments for metabolism and hormone conditions that cause weight loss problems for many people. Our doctors not only provide weight loss treatments but are also able to diagnose underlying problems and guide patients through any processes they need right here in our clinic..

Our doctors determine what treatments will be safest and most effective for each individual patient and provide assistance, so you are never prescribed a one-and-done or "cookie-cutter" treatment. We will provide you with the treatment that is right for you and then assist you in making the necessary lifestyle changes to maximize the effectiveness of the process. Whether you need the help of a nutritionist or simply a little guidance, our weight loss clinic is a great place to get started living a healthier, happier life.

Our Integrative Weightloss Services now include Medically Managed HCG Diet plan that is cultivated to your needs!! ASK Us how we can Help!!!


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Weight Loss Solutions: Conditions Treated


Metabolism is a common problem in weight loss, and our patients can be treated here at our clinic. We work with patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes to assist them in overcoming challenges to lose weight. Most importantly, our doctors diagnose problems through thorough testing, create a safe plan of treatment, and guide the patient through the process with plenty of assistance along the way.

Hormone Problems

The treatment of hormone problems for weight loss is a unique offering here at our clinic. These treatments are proven to be safe, and we are here to guide you through your end of the process. As with all weight loss treatments, it is effective for many patients to make lifestyle changes to maximize the results of the hormone treatments, and our doctors and staff can help.

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Friendswood, Texas Weight Loss Treatments


Our HCG program is a safe and effective method of weight loss for many of our patients. This program is a multi-faceted system that takes a method developed in the 1950s, combines it with modern technology, and is augmented with a low-calorie diet in order to achieve impressive and effective weight loss goals.

For those considering HCG weight loss, we begin the process with a consultation and an evaluation of your medical history. This assists our doctors in creating a weight loss plan that is safe and effective for you.

Once we have the necessary information about your medical history, we help you in deciding if this program is the appropriate choice for you based on your goals and abilities. Just like many weight loss programs, the HCG program provided by our weight loss clinic requires effort on the part of the patient to be fully successful. This requires the intake of low-calorie foods and the avoidance of high-calorie, fattening foods. Regular exercise is recommended as well. However, our doctors are here to help and support you along the way, so you don’t need to feel apprehensive about giving this program a try. Many find this to be the best way to lose weight.

The final step to getting started losing weight with the HCG program is choosing the ideal option for you. These options are based on how much weight you want to lose, and our doctors can also assist you in making this choice. If you’re aiming to lose 20-50 pounds, then a 2-phase option will be selected, but if you’re after 50 pounds or more, then a 3-phase option will be required. Once these decisions have been made, you are ready to begin the program and start losing weight.


Laser treatments for weight loss are available right here at our weight loss clinic. They are proven to be safe and effective methods for use in weight loss, and our patients undergo testing and evaluations to help ensure the safety and effectiveness of this treatment for their unique situation. This treatment requires laser treatments to be applied with paddles to target areas on the patient in a painless process to assist weight loss.


These treatments can be repeated as the doctors determine for continued or increased results. It is recommended that laser weight loss treatments are accompanied with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to increase the effectiveness and results of the process. Our doctors and staff at Creekside Integrative Medical Center are happy to provide the necessary guidance for patients hoping to make lifestyle changes to improve their weight loss efforts.

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Q: Do these treatments require any extra effort from the patient?

A: Yes, while our staff at Creekside Integrative Medical Center provides the testing and guidance necessary to ensure that the desired results are possible and achievable, clients are still accountable for doing their part in the treatment process.

Q: Are these procedures safe?

A: Yes, all of our procedures are safe for many patients. We utilize testing to ensure that our clients are receiving treatments that are safe for them and tailored to meet their needs.

Q: What results should I expect?

A: Results will differ depending on any diagnosed problems, the methods of treatment and the efforts of the patient to help boost weight loss. You can contact us to schedule a consultation to begin discussing potential strategies and outcomes.

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Meet Franceene!!! 

Not only is she a member of our staff, She's a CLIENT!

It took a lot for me to make the decision to do the HCG diet.  I have tried everything, even the HCG Drops and my will power just wasn't there. So when I approached the clinic about the HCG medically managed program, I was leary.  Leary that I would not have the willpower to commit, be consistent and follow thru if I didn't see results. However, it worked!! I wasn't hungry, I did have mishaps, but that is OK!!!  This diet is for everyone!! IT works and it helped me gain confidence that I could do it!! I feel more like myself than I have in YEARS!!!  

~ Franceene 

Date Started ~ July 10, 2017 

Total Lost to date ~ 55lbs