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We use chiropractic and integrative medicine to treat our areas of specialty:regenerative medicine, pain management, weight loss, and personal injury.

Wellness Center Holistic Medicine Friendswood, TexasHow Our Friendswood, TX Wellness Center Helps You

At Creekside Integrative Medical Center, we provide care that goes above and beyond simply one avenue and one specialization. We are a wellness center, offering integrative medicine that provides unique benefits for our clients, including specialized treatments designed by a collaborative team of doctors and staff. With our team of experts, you can reduce being shuffled around to different offices for tests and solutions. Right here in our practice, we are able to collaborate to treat problems and find solutions for your, weight loss, personal injury, and chronic pain needs.


This collaboration allows us to provide our patients with leading edge treatments designed to meet their individualized needs. We know that everyone is different, so "cookie-cutter" treatments are never the right solution. For lasting results, we work to uncover the underlying causes of the problem, and provide a method of treatment that is effective and efficient. We are a wellness center dedicated to treating your needs in the best way possible. 

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Conditions We Treat

Wellness Center Holistic Medicine Friendswood, Texas
Wellness Center Weight Loss Clinic in Friendswood, TX

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Wellness Center Nutritionist in Friendswood, Texas
Wellness Center Chiropractor Near Me Friendswood, TX
Wellness Center Chiropractic in Friendswood, Texas

Practice Areas

Pain Management in Friendswood, Texas
Many of our clients enter our wellness center in need of relief from their chronic pain. Our pain management team collaborates to find the underlying cause of the problem, and to develop the best, most effective treatment from you.
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Weight Loss Services
Weight loss can be a difficult process, especially when there are so many methods. At our wellness center, we focus on offering solutions that are proven to be safe and effective. Our doctors can tailor and design a plan that is ideal for you based on testing and evaluations.
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Personal Injury Treatment 
A variety of personal injuries can cause lasting painful effects if left untreated, which is why we offer treatments to help relieve these symptoms and care for the underlying issues. We assist patients suffering from injuries related to auto accidents, slips and falls, sports and much more.
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Wellness Center Chiropractor in Friendswood, Texas
Why Choose Our Friendswood, TX Wellness Center?

As a unique wellness center dedicated to integrative medicine, we provide a different approach to your weight loss, chiropractic, chronic pain and personal injury needs. A broader scope of treatment is made available to you when you begin treatment with our team of doctors. As a unique wellness center in our methods of collaboration and treatment, we provide excellent care tailored to you with the help of our doctors.

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